Rose-Coloured Starling

Rose-Coloured Starling

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Two-Barred Crossbill Central

Well who would've thought that after the dip of the Two-Barred Crossbill in Lancashire, I didn't think I'd be bouncing back with 6 birds in near enough one scope view a couple of weeks later. The birds were present at Broomhead Reservoir in South Yorkshire. Sightings have multiplied since the first report of a juvenile that was photographed near a stream with 30+ Commons on Monday, by Tuesday, there was an adult female and 4 juveniles and come Wednesday there were 6 birds in total. Thursday brought further developments where 9 birds were sighted with an adult male joining in on the fun.
Adult Female Two-Barred Crossbill
I went on Wednesday with Scott and Liam and eventually after a shaky start, saw all 6 Two-Barred Crossbills present. So the question begs... how long have they been here? Possibly weeks from the start of the influx or maybe a matter of days with East coast birds moving gradually inland. It is however certainly a promising number so early in the year especially with there more time for these birds to move into Britain. Who knows what the juveniles will decide to do from here in course for next spring.
Can just about make out the yellow-greenish colour of the female better here
With all the attention on the female (and now probably the male bird) these dull, plain juveniles may get ignored!
Juvenile Two Barred Crossbill in poor light conditions

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