Rose-Coloured Starling

Rose-Coloured Starling

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Green-Winged Teal, Conwy RSPB

A nice drake Green Winged Teal was found yesterday (1st Dec) at Conwy RSPB, by site manager, Julian Hughes. I caught up with it fairly quickly after it being reported and its a good job, as the bird quickly departed soon afterwards and not seen since. As you can see, the Green Winged Teal (Left) features a slight diagonal white stripe on its flanks but lacks the horrizontal white stripe across the wing.
Green-Winged Teal (left)
The bird was associating with a large flock of the much more familiar Common Teal. Hopefully the American duck will get relocated back at the reserve soon for others to enjoy. A nice Welsh tick for myself and another to the ever-growing year list, taking it to 262.
After, I travelled to Llanbedr-y-Cenin, in the hope to see some Hawfinches. Luckily, we caught a couple of flight views of these birds departing from the churchyard.
Conwy valley
100-120 Waxwings still at Rhuddlan.. Pictures to follow soon! Not that you haven't seen enough this year already!

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