Rose-Coloured Starling

Rose-Coloured Starling

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The migrant gates are now open...

In some parts of the country, 10cm of snow and sub zero temperatures... In St. Asaph, cold, drizzle and wind - not a great opportunity to look for migrants. It soon past over and the sun was out so I  managed to get out this afternoon so I took a trip down to the River Elwy, just a few hundred metres away from where I live.

It's amazing, you'll try so hard to spot a warbler or a hirindine in March, but as soon as April comes, they're everywhere. From the word go, Chiffchaffs were singing left, right and centre, a couple of House Martins along with a good handful of Sand Martins were overhead. A dipper speeded down the river and a couple of Gooseanders graced past. I tried my best to turn one of the 8 Buzzards gliding over into an Osprey but failed. A few more Chifchaffs, and a mixed Tit flock later, my first Swallow of the year came over.

Looking forward to getting out tomorrow now and hopefully bagging the next collection of migrants...

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