Thursday, 5 April 2012

It's Snow joke!!

Yes, it's April and yes, it's back.... The winter returned in style yesterday and managed to dump a whole load of snow espcially down the Conwy valley. I took a trip down today to see what it had to offer migrant-wise. In fact, it really wasn't the place to be, any migrant with a an ounce of sense, would've turned back!

Considering the snow and biting wind chill, it was actually a beautiful day! A Great Spotted Woodpecker drummed away, while a Nuthatch called from the tree tops. Chiffchaff's literally 'chiff-chaffed' away from all directions and finch flocks flew over. Raptors were out in force today with countless numbers of Buzzards, of which each one, I checked for a migrating Osprey. By far, the best bird of the day was a superb male Goshawk which showed briefly but close above the near pine plantation.

I moved on to Conwy RSPB where there was suprisingly only few birds. Lapwings look to be starting to display, Red Breasted Mergansers were showing well on the lagoons along with a pair of Great Creasted Grebes. There has been reports of a couple of Willow Warblers on the reserve lately but failed to catch up with one. This Robin, by contrast did pose for the picture!

Lapwing at Conwy RSPB